The Why…

Truth…if there is something desired, to be attained through these words is that, just that: Truth.

My original thought as to what would be the name and introduction of this blog really started with: “In the beginning…” an idea to expand upon some of the stories and accounts recorded in one of the most influential book of all history; yet I realize that not quite everything has a beginning and more importantly not quite everything we know has an end…therefore, in reality, the more important idea, the concept that has driven me to the point of my current existence and beliefs is really just one: Truth.  Im not quite sure what these words listed and indexed in the web are meant to be, do or affect.  I hope that it can benefit others and provide light and insight into not just my own view of the world and perspectives, but perhaps incite others, help others, motivate others to find the Truth for themselves…whatever that will end up being…I guess this would be a good spot to list what the expectations are of this blog, although to be frank, I not sure I can provide you with my word or commitment as to if the expectations will be fulfilled…regardless my initial intention is to provide articles, words, comments on the many topics I have researched, read, thought or explored via one avenue or another. I’m also hoping that there will be postings from other friends and fellow thinkers, atheists, seculars, brights and anyone else with positive and articulate input on similar topics.

I hope to create sections on this site with topics covering:

– Scientific evidence, logic and reasoning of Biblical and theist inconsistencies.
– Historical issues that arise in order to contradict certain religious aspects
– Philosophical arguments to ponder about
– Moral and Ethical items
– Structured and organized religion
– Scriptural issues and textual criticism
– Reviews and listings of information, books, and articles covering all of the above topics.

Finally, a biased and single perspective on my history, experiences, knowledge and journey through the ways of being a thinker, a Christian, a sinner, a human and my journey from fundamentalist religion and beliefs to Atheism.

Perhaps you, the reader, will agree, disagree, hate me or praise me, sympathize or show contempt, cherish this information or condemn me to hell as a blasphemer and infidel…regardless of what you believe and think, perhaps you can find it in you to explore the information with an open mind, heart and humility.  I have gone through a journey I never expected to be involved in, and to be completely frank and bear my heart to you, I can honestly say I have done it out of respect and integrity for the Truth, with an open and humble heart; I have tried to analyze both sides of the story and the information without prejudice or bias or hate; to be completely objective when approaching all of the subjects.

If there is one responsibility man has, is to be honest and frank with oneself if no one else in this world, and this is my attempt at sincerely answering one of life’s biggest questions…

Note: If you notice any mistakes, errors, misquotes or misinterpreted information – absolutely let us know. I can assure you there will be some, and I would love to fix them and recant on those errors I’m sure to make.  If there is anything that anyone with something to say should have in mind, it should be said with intellectual honesty, and that is something I strive to keep.


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