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Every week we broadcast a podcast focused on the problems with Jehovah’s Witnesses, religion in general and its nonsense “holy” books as well as other items we discuss in this blog.  We will be posting a short description about the what the show covers for that week as well as what our rants might be about.
Check us out in iTunes, Zune, or your favorite RSS/podcast client (by using this link http://witnesses4atheism.libsyn.com/rss) and feel free to let us know what you think or any questions and topics we should cover.
You can leave a comment here in our blog or email us at WitnessesforAtheism@gmail.com.
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11 responses to “Our Podcast!…

  • Tie

    Hey George & Jesse,

    Great podcast, you have to figure out how to take callers soon. I might skype in some time, let me know when the topic is relevant to me.

  • Jay Eldridge

    An awesome podcast. I download them on iTunes every week. I enjoy the funny and poignant dialogue and your extensive knowledge of the jehovah’s witness religion. Being a former witness I can relate to your comments and yet learn new things as its been 30 years or so since I left. Even before I left, I realized I didn’t believe in any gods, but found it difficult due to family pressure and fear of losing my only friends. Keep up the good work!

  • Anonymous

    Your podcast is great! I married into a family of JW’s 10 yrs ago although my husband left the religion in his teens before he was baptized. We still have a pretty good relationship with his family. It is a little awkward when we are the only non witnesses at family get together. Thanks for giving me even more insight on JW’s.
    keep em coming,

  • The Atheist Geek

    I’ve just started following your podcast. (Discovered it thanks to Twitter and Facebook.) This is great and it encourages me to try making one of my own for my site. I’ve only started listening, but have you considered having guests on like Ryan Sutter or other ex-Witnesses? I’ve found we have a lot in common with ex-Mormons as well.

    Thanks for the podcasting.

    • George

      Thanks for the comment! Im actually not sure who Ryan Sutter is, but we like having anyone we think is interesting to listen to, including ex-jws and ex-mormons. Good luck with your site and podcast!

  • The Atheist Geek

    Ryan Sutter is a semi-famous XJW who dared go to Talk Origins (gasp!) and discovered that the Creation Book was bunk. This lead to him losing faith in the WTS. He was interviewed some years ago by another Atheist podcaster, but that guy wasn’t an XJW. I’m sure you or I would have different questions and maybe make better use of the time available as we’re all XJWs.

    Another interesting interview might be the guy who wrote an entire paper on the Creation Book, Alan Feuerbacher. The Creation Book played a part in my losing faith in the Society and in becoming an atheist as well, so I read the paper and spoke with Alan. He even met with the guy in charge of the committee that wrote the CB and asked him about the bogus quotes and all that. Very cool.

    If you want to swap stories some times, I’d be happy to. Or if you want write a guest article on my blog, I’d post it.

    Good luck with everything. I will offer a link to your site from AGN so people will know about it. Lots of XJW are dying for more stories, especially podcasts. Great job.

  • Leighton

    Hey George and Jesse,

    I just found your podcast and have been going through to your first episodes and working my way through. Just wanted to say thanks for podcasting and keep up the good work!

    I’m a recent de-convert from evangelical Christianity, and I went through a lot of the same studying/questioning/agonizing that you guys describe in your stories, so although we came from different starting points I can identify with what you talk about–I came to realize that Protestant Christianity was just an overgrown cult. I’ve recently started blogging about my exit from Christianity, so feel free to check that out at http://leightontaylor.net.

    Hope to hear more soon! Thanks again.

  • Ian Harvey

    Just found your podcast on iTunes and have not stopped listening for hours. Love it! What you guys talk about is exactly what I am experiencing down here in Australia.

    I was bought up in ‘the truth’ since the early 50′s, went through ’75 and left when I left my wife in ’99. Since then, of course, I have been shunned by my family including my aging Mum and 5 siblings, their spouses and all my nieces and nephews.

    I have found witnesses to be very close minded and hard to convince especially when it comes to failed prophecies since the 1800′s. They can always say they now have ‘new truth’ etc.

    However there is a relatively contemporary issue that is worth a bit of scrutiny. I dont think you have done a podcast on it yet but it could be worth your while considering doing so. This is the matter of the WTBTS becoming an NGO member of the United Nations in 1992.

    The documented proof is out there for all to see and I am happy to provide the details that I have found.

    It speaks to the Society being hypocritical, running a double standard and lying to the congregations and the matter was discovered as recently as 2002. They only did anything about it after they were found out but to this date have not made any statement to their faithful.

    Let me know if you want any data. Otherwise I look forward to hearing what you have to say about it.

    Kind regards

    • George

      Sorry we didnt reply earlier, but for some reason we did not get notified of this and weve been a little absent from here. Regardless, I wanted to thank you for the comment and information. We were aware of the UN issue, but didnt get a chance to go into detail. Thanks for bringing it up though!

      I did have one question for you, why didnt you leave in 75?

  • Ian Harvey

    Thats a good question George. I guess I bought the line that we were alll just a bit enthusiastic and running ahead. You know how they put it all back on the flock.

    I actually left when they handled me badly in 99 after my 16 year old son had me arrested on assault charges and my wife supported his accusations. Turned out to be a trumped up charge but the elders were not very helpful.

    At the time I just said it was too hard to try and keep the rules and drifted away. But since losing access to my siblings I have felt the pain of shunning and thought of going back. But again the elders were not too helpful and their pompous attitude prompted me to have a closer look at their beliefs.

    I figure they have an answer for all the ‘mistakes’ of the past. You know ‘light getting brighter’ and all that. But I cant see how any of them can justify the UN connection given that it is so recent and clearly at odds with the stated policy for individual wittnesses.

    What is interesting is that I have conducted my own experiment with a few witnesses that I have had the opportunity to speak with and it amazes me just how they respond. Cognitive dissonance is allive and well here.

    Some refuse to look at it because it scares them to know (they dont really want to know the truth).

    Some offer lame excuses. Like one elder said “They cant have joined the UN because you have to be a nation to do that”(stupidity is quite acceptable it seems)

    Some say “What alternative do you have? like you gotta pick something and this is the best of a bad bunch.

    and some just say “Well they aint perfect but we like them

    I was amazed the differences in attitude. I was bought up a witness to believe in black and white, right and wrong.

    This to me is a bigger bombshell than any ‘failed prophecy’ because it speaks directly to the honesty and motivation of teh society rather than enthusiastic and well meaning mistakes.

    Hope you get the chance to podcast about it sometime.

    Love your work

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