Christopher Hitchens, Missing Podcasts, Moving On and the Holidays…

Yes, it has been over two months since a post.  Its surprising, but its so hard to for Jesse and myself  to take time out of our schedules and commit to putting out a new podcast.  Sometimes timing doesn’t work out, sometimes it’s work  or family problems, sometimes it’s just pure laziness; but, in reality, it’s just that we might just not be giving that much of a damn…

This isn’t to say we dont give a shit about the many people that enjoy our podcast or the cause that fighting the poison of religion is, in fact its been one of the best things about starting this,  meeting new people and being part of something important, a cause.  What I mean to say in fact, is that I’m finding it harder and harder to remember all the bullshit that was involved in being a JW.  I know its been just a bit over 2 years, but it feels like a lifetime ago that I was dressed in suits knocking at doors or sat through 2 hours of bullshit spewing out of an uninformed, ignorant buffoon that self-designated himself a minister of a supposed god.  My morals, mindset, guidelines, humor, vocabulary, friendships, music, etc, has all changed…I’m a new me…

I keep finding that keeping up with Atheist or religious current events, watching FOX bullshit news, or even reading about the injustices done in the name of religion just gets me pissed off.  It’s obviously much easier to be ignorant, it is bliss after all, and I just cant make myself argue about religion so much anymore.  When someone still cannot explain coherently or logically their reason for believing something, I just ignore it or walk away, stupidity is hard to erase on someone.  I know I should continue to be open to discuss and try to persuade others to examine their beliefs, it is after all the reason why I’m here, because someone took the time to challenge me, but it has become a chore to put up with the ridiculousness of religious individuals…

I believe that people, being outspoken and challenging religion is the best thing that can happen nowadays.  I believe that through writing, blogging, reporting, discussing and being approachable it is possible to change people’s minds.  I think it’s fathomable that we can make a change, I’m living proof of it.  I know some people close to me that are going through a hard time, and although I can’t relate in a completely mirrored perspective, I can understand the hardships and pain that is involved in life changing situations, such as leaving the cult you grew up in and realizing that your entire view of the world around you is a total lie.  I can relate to being separated from family, to being alone, to having sad days, but the hardships involved in this is evidence that something good is coming, nothing good is ever free of hardships.

One of the reasons why I’m ranting about this is because one of the most influential people of our days has just passed away; this person was critical in helping me free my mind, in releasing the chains that religion had on me.  As sad as it is to say, Christopher Hitchens has passed away…

I could sit here and write pages on the brilliance, intellect and elequoence in which Hitchens expressed himself, but I think its irrelevant for me to write about him as I would only limit and obscure the shining bright light he was to many of us.  Suffice to say, we will not be forgetting what he did for atheism, for logic, for rational thinking and human rights.

Lastly, it is after all time for the holidays.  This year will be an interesting one, and Im looking forward with positive outlook towards the future, towards a new year and continuing to grow as a person.  I find that Im finally leaving the shell I have been in for a long time and Im ready to move on, to have fun, to enjoy these times we are having with friends, family, good music, great booze and more music.

Im looking forward to the memories Im having now…

….with that said I just wanted to take a second and say: Happy Holidays!


About George

George is a self-proclaimed philosopher, thinker and ex-Jehovah's Witness that has taken the opportunity to expose his views on religion, atheism, science, history and human interactions through this blog. View all posts by George

2 responses to “Christopher Hitchens, Missing Podcasts, Moving On and the Holidays…

  • Riverdaughter

    You guys need to Occupy.
    I was raised JW. Never baptized. Phew!
    Totally identify though.
    Anywho, I’m going to occupy congress on Jan. 17, 2012. It’s a good cause.
    (I notice you hate Fox too).

    • George

      Hey, for some reason I realized I never replied, so Im sorry about that. THanks for the comment and I actually was thinking of the occupy but although my intentions are there, I never seem to actually go down and protest. So how come you never got baptized? Have you heard of the secular rally in march?

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