New Episode: Drinking & Ranting… – WFA10

So, after a month + hiatus, we finally recorded another, and its actually quite fun if I say so myself.  Jesse and I are accompanied by our friend Mark, who joins us all the way from Australia.  We have a Holy Shit That’s in the Bible?! segment and shoot the bull with Mark. We were definitely getting drunk last night, so we might rant a bit much at the end, but all in good fun…


I also decided that I’ll be changing intro songs more often, just cause theres so much good music out there.  This episode’s music is Inspiration Youth by Original Natty.


Check it out!


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George is a self-proclaimed philosopher, thinker and ex-Jehovah's Witness that has taken the opportunity to expose his views on religion, atheism, science, history and human interactions through this blog. View all posts by George

5 responses to “New Episode: Drinking & Ranting… – WFA10

  • Jonathan

    Great episode Guys. Not too sure about Georges fake accents. Concerning the cycles if theisum and atheisum. You can see through history and in different nations there have been periods of adopting both mindsets. Hopfully we are seeing a more secular, humanistic and atheistic attitude here in the uk. But on the flip side over there with you guys we see the rise of the religious right. Fancy moving to the uk?

  • Curious

    I have a question, nothing based off your podcast but would you consider athesim to be a religon?

    • George

      Well, actually good thing you bring this up because its one of the items we have on our notes to address in a future podcast, so keep tuned…but to answer your question, Im going to copy and past LOL an answer I found online that I liked:

      “The saying is “if atheism is a religion then not playing baseball is a sport”
      A religion has two components which must both be present. It is a formalized system of ritual and belief. It is focussed on a supernatural being or beings.
      Speaking to “formalized system of ritual and belief”, atheists are not an organization, just a number of folks that have independently, through thought and study, come to the conclusion that there is no supernatural force in the universe. There is no credo, instruction manual, or anything.”

      With that in mind, the “a” or anti/against/lack of added to “theist” really brings down the matter to saying Im not X. The examples could be endless, but just because someone isnt something, it doesnt make them something else.

  • Curious

    I found an article, that I dont believe is Christian based but it had a few things that were quiet interesting:

    “Atheism is the belief that there is no god. According to the Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy:

    “Atheism is the position that affirms the non-existence of God. It proposes positive belief rather than mere suspension of disbelief.”1
    Atheism3 will be defined in the contemporary western sense: not just the lack of belief in a god, but the assertion about the non-existence of any gods, spirits, or divine or supernatural beings. Atheists in this sense are metaphysical naturalists, and as will be shown, they DO follow a religion.

    The social dimension of religion looks at the hierarchies and power structures present within the religion, such the Hindu caste system. In missionary religions, it also includes how people get converted and how missionaries go about their work.

    Contemporary Atheism has been fueled largely by authors promoting their Atheistic beliefs. In the preface to The God Delusion, Dawkins says,

    “If this book works as I intend, religious readers who open it will be atheists when they put it down.”
    Dawkins is saying he hopes that his book converts “religious” people to his worldview – exactly what a missionary of any religion hopes to do.

    As atheistic philosopher Michael Ruse admits, “evolution is a religion”, and it could be considered the narrative dimension of Atheism.

    Atheism is a morally relativist religion. Most Atheists adhere to one ethical system or another, but in Atheism there is ultimately no foundation for morality, as atheists Dawkins and Provine admit. Many systems of ethics have been proposed; utilitarianism is probably the most popular one.

    Atheists often claim that their belief is not a religion. This allows them to propagate their beliefs in settings where other religions are banned, but this should not be so.

    Contemporary Western Atheism unquestionably has six of the seven dimensions of religion set forth by Smart, and the remaining dimension, ritual, has also started to develop. Thus it’s fallacious to assert, “Calling Atheism a religion is like calling bald a hair colour”. Perhaps a better analogy would be calling a shaved head a “hairstyle”. Other than the denial of the divine, there is little difference between Atheism and other worldviews typically labelled as religions.

    The dichotomy that Atheists try to create between science and religion is false. The conflict is between interpretations of science coming from different religious worldviews.”

    So all this sounds interesting, whats your take? Does this hold some truth to it? Hopefully this can be used on your future podcasts.

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