Ray Franz – Crisis of Conscience

I decided to pull this down because it doesn’t look like the publisher posted these links.

“Update: Due to the recent passing of Commentary Press founder Raymond Franz, the Commentary Press eStore is temporarily suspending shipments of hardbound and softbound publications as we go through a restructuring.
In the meantime, downloadable PDF versions of select titles remain available for purchase through the eStore. Hardbound and softbound editions of many Commentary Press titles may continue to be purchased from a retailer such as Amazon.com”

If you want to dl those files do so at your own risk.


About George

George is a self-proclaimed philosopher, thinker and ex-Jehovah's Witness that has taken the opportunity to expose his views on religion, atheism, science, history and human interactions through this blog. View all posts by George

2 responses to “Ray Franz – Crisis of Conscience

  • Brian

    I’m skeptical of whether this is the actual publisher or not. The main tip off that it’s not legit is that it’s not in english. If Commentary Press was actually reaching out to other languages they’d probably name the blog “Commentary Press Francois” or something like that. I dunno though.

    • Jesse

      Upon closer examination I realized that the website is selling the books. Why would they post free PDFs if they are selling them……….good catch Brian. I pulled down the link.

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