Where the hell are we?

Well, it appears some people are wondering where the hell we are…and not as in where we live or go on vacation, but where are the new podcasts and blog posts…

The honest to goodness answer is that we’ve been busy as hell.  I actually moved this past holiday weekend, and you all know how much of a pain in the ass it is to move, and have been beyond swamped with all that is entailed.  To bitch a little more about how busy I have been, I will also state that this new job I recently acquired is also working me quite a bit, they are definitely working me like a Mexican…


On the upside, I do have to say that in the next podcast I will have to talk about my disassociation, I decided to have a little battle with two elders from the area and butcher their beliefs.  It was hilarious and interesting, so I will make sure to share.   As of now however, I am formally no longer a JW, although who the fuck knows if when they announced me, after all its all irrelevant…


I have to say that I am truly sorry we cant be more regular, but alas, I have bills to pay, women to go party with, and booze to drink and boxes to unpack…it gets a bit hard when your internet doesnt get connected right away….


Stay tuned however and I guarantee we’ll make it worth your while…(ok maybe not, and no, thats not a sexual innuendo)


About George

George is a self-proclaimed philosopher, thinker and ex-Jehovah's Witness that has taken the opportunity to expose his views on religion, atheism, science, history and human interactions through this blog. View all posts by George

2 responses to “Where the hell are we?

  • Jonathan

    Good to hear from you guys. As you both spoke about sky diving in the last podcast, then nothing for weeks, I thought the society heavies had got to you. Both of you in undisclosed locations being given paper cut between you toes with pages of the watchtower…..or lying in a field somewhere with your emergency shoot cut. Looking forward to the podcast

  • Marcus

    Parachute for sale, used once, never opened, slightly stained.

    Call 1800 WIT NESS


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