Episode 6 – It’s NOT the end of the world…

So we finally got around to one more episode, and we are at it again with a new “Holy Shit That’s in the Bible!?” segment, discussing judgement day on May 21st and laughing at all the failed predictions from Jehovah’s Witnesses since their beggining…

We hope you enjoy and have a few laughs while you are listening…after all, we might not be here after Saturday!

The opening and closing song is “Serious Killer” from Kismet and their album titled “Phazer.”


About George

George is a self-proclaimed philosopher, thinker and ex-Jehovah's Witness that has taken the opportunity to expose his views on religion, atheism, science, history and human interactions through this blog. View all posts by George

13 responses to “Episode 6 – It’s NOT the end of the world…

  • Brian

    Brothers, I was growing quite concerned about your lack of “meeting attendance” (i.e. podcast recording). Glad to see you back!

    • Jesse

      Well, you know Brian that Jehovah is doing all in his power to slow down our work. We just need to make sure that we continue to pray fervently to our father the devil to help us push on.

  • Brian

    Also, this is related to your Holy Shit that’s in the Bible! segment:

  • George

    HAHA! Thanks Brian, appreciate it, we’re definitely still around just got a bit tied up there, hope you enjoy our latest rant. BTW cool video and thanks for the comments!

  • Jonathan

    Great podcast. Really interesting to hear about the old predictions for the end of the system. I guess thats why the Watchtower cd only goes back so far, so you can check…

    • George

      Thanks for listening Jon! Appreciate the comments and I agree about why it might only go back so far…although surprisingly you can look up a bit of stuff from a few of their other mistakes and nonsense, including 1975….

      • Anonymous

        Yeah George. Some interesting sites out there with small amounts of info. But nothing like the watchtower cd. Just out of interest, when’s the next podcast?

      • Jesse

        Sorry about the delay on our show. George moved last week and has been without internet until yesterday. And, my dad had a minor stroke this weekend so recording has been delayed a bit. Things are slowly getting back to normal so hopefully we can have a show up in the next couple of days.

      • Jonathan

        Sorry to hear about your father. Hope he gets better soon. All the best

      • Jesse

        Thanks for your kind words Jonathan.

  • Jay Eldridge

    Jesse, so sorry to hear about your Father’s health, hopefully the docs are figuring out his issues. Please disregard my earlier post asking about the next episode.

    What is this JW CD?

    • Jesse

      Thanks for your support and kind words.

      Sometime in the 90s the society started releasing a CDROM with all their literature on it. I think the watchtowers go back to the 60s and awakes to the 70s but it may be 50s and 60s I don’t remember. I have a copy from my JW days and it’s our main source for research.

      We do plan on recording a show this evening (Tuesday, May 7th) Assuming that Nothing changes between now an then.

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