Episode 4 coming soon!

Hello everyone,

George and I would like to start off by apologizing for the delay in the release of our fourth episode. We got home from the National Atheist convention Sunday night and didn’t have time today to record a new episode. The good news is that we will, for sure have an episode this week. We are hoping to have it posted Tuesday night if everything works out as planned.

I have already done most of the research and decided on a new “Holy shit, that’s in the bible” topic. We plan to also discuss my favorite speech of the weekend “Are atheists angry?” by Greta Christina. We also had two encounters with religious people that were attempting to save us from the fate of hellfire, and one girl even gave us a book by Mark Cahill who’s Christian quality of honesty is brought into question by his dishonest quote mining tactics. Finally, we will talk to George West again to see how his recent meeting with the elders went. Again we apologize for the delay and thanks for listening.



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I'm an Ex-Jw that left the faith of my parents after years of study and research. View all posts by Jesse

2 responses to “Episode 4 coming soon!

  • crack60098

    Release your fucking 4th podcast already. SHIT!!! I need my demon spirit fix…god dammit!!! Also, when are you going to talk about Charles Taze Russell believing christ picked him in 1874 or the Millerites in 1844…FUCK!

  • Jay Eldridge

    I enjoy following George’s ordeal, thanks George! I wish I could have been a fly on the wall when they made the announcement that I was DF’d that fateful Thursday night! LOL

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