Why do I feel a need to be a part of this site?

I would be lying if I said that I did not hold any negative feelings towards the Christian Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses. For 27 years this organization had truly touched every part of my life. As hard as it is to admit it molded me into the person that I am now. Many of the negative traits that it created, like the judgmental attitude of Witnesses took me years to undo. Fortunately, with time and effort I was able to remove most of these negative traits and use the beneficial ones for my advantage. As a Witness I developed some fairly good public speaking skills and a desire for in depth research. Ironically, it was research that turned me into an atheist. However, the pain that this organization causes is real. This pain is far worse than any beneficial skills the Watchtower Society (WTS) could have provided me with, and it is this pain that has motivated me to stand against the WTS.

I am sure most of us know what it is like to disappoint someone you love. Now, imagine disappointing everyone that you love for a period of years. That is the situation I found myself in 5 years ago when I first decided to leave the organization. My own mother went from being extremely proud of me; to thinking that I had just committed eternal suicide. I can understand her feelings though, because within a year’s time I went from serving as a Ministerial Servant and standing on stage at a district convention because I was an outstanding youth, to deciding to disappear off the face of the JW earth. I know that she prided herself on being a single mother that could raise a pioneer (70 hour a month door knocker) with such spiritual attitude. So, when I left the organization; which, meant so much to her it was like me personally insulting her. I believe that she felt as if I was saying that her religion is not good enough for her son and that she did not do a good job raising me. But, this could not be further from the truth! I feel that I turned out pretty well, I have an amazing wife, a good job and I even just bought a house. I have made some really great friends that are all non-JWs and we will continue to be friend’s years into the future. I love to read, study, and research everything. Yet to all the people that I grew up with I will always be a failure, a traitor and worst of all an apostate (honestly I do not mind being called an apostate).

Some people allow feelings of disappointment to consume them and lead them into a state of depression. Some are afraid to speak out against the organization because close friends and family will shun them. Others do not speak out because they do not have the personality or desire to challenge the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Watchtower society. It is for these people, as well as for me, that I speak out. People need to know how the WTS destroys lives. So that the next time your door bell rings you will avoid slaming the door in their face but you will use thought provoking questions to awaken their minds and show them that their “perfect” organization is not directed by God. Another one of my goals is to teach people about Jehovah’s Witnesses so that the next time your friends or family tell you that they are studying the bible with Witnesses you will be able to show the flaws of the religion before they become indoctrinated. If any readers have any questions about the WTS please feel free to ask and I will attempt to promptly answer them.



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I'm an Ex-Jw that left the faith of my parents after years of study and research. View all posts by Jesse

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