Misquoting Jesus by Bart Ehrman

>I finally got around to delving more into this book. Unfortunately, at the time it was recommended to me, I was tied up with several other books (no surprise there).  I’m sure I could not do justice to this book in any kind of review or summary.  I guess I just want to note a few points on it.

I should start by saying I really like Ehrman.  The way he writes, is not only informative, but it is also logical and forward.  I am not going to lie either and say this was a breeze of a read.  There is so much information in each chapter, that it requires focused attention and analysis to comprehend, which is one of the reasons I could not listen to this book in audio form.

This is one of the few things I have read in regards to textual criticism, and Ehrman is the go to scholar, specifically with the New Testament.  I was dumbfounded by several things:

– I had always known that the integrity of biblical text and manuscripts could not be perfect, but to realize the ludicrous number of errors, mis-translations, additions and deletions that affect the integrity of the information is humbling to say the least.

– It is nice to see how much effort has been put forth by not only modern scholars, but intellectually honest and dedicated individuals in past centuries to carry forward the text, even if at times it disagreed with the consensus opinions, or their own personal interpretations.

– Realizing the integrity of the biblical cannon has never been worthy of our trust, should make anyone realize how foolish it would be to judge, believe and live according to its every word, down to the comma (check out the Comma Johanneum).


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