Your Inner Fish by Neil Shubin

>Im currently in the middle of a few books, one of them being Your Inner Fish.  I had purchased this book in one of my binge book purchases and had not gotten around to even skim the pages.  I’m glad I finally did. I will be adding to this post as I make my way through it, just like I hope many other reviews.

When debating or discussing with individuals about the topic of evolution, I do have a hard time in explaining and getting through to people that have no basic concepts or ideas of the Theory (and facts) of Evolution.  Its frustrating to not be able to convey the simplicity and elegance that evolution is, especially to religious fundamentalists that have such great distrust of scientific and secular matters.  Not that I can complain too much, as I was one of those people that believed evolution was a bunch of junk.  I believed in micro evolution (heck how can you not?!), adaptation, and genetic happenings, but the concept of a phylogenetic tree and progression of life on this planet was not even comprehensible to me; it wasn’t until I finally started reading and informing myself on the topic that it became quite clear how, what and why evolution IS a fact.

Regardless, apart from all the other reading I’ve done on the topic, this book has been a great, informative and interesting read.  Forget discussing God and creation or the implications of it, thats not the point of this book.  It goes straight to the process and explanations of how things are done to get to the findings that we now know as facts. Couple of good points I’ve found:

– Neil takes the reader into a basic process on how fossil finding actually happens. It was quite nice, at least for myself, to have a look into this field.
– Its ridiculous how there is virtually no difference in an embryo of different species, mammals (humans), fish, amphibians, etc – all look, start and develop in exactly the same way initially.
– There is this part on mutations of flies, and it got me thinking: If religious individuals claim that disease and imperfection = mutations derived from the “original sin” of “Adam” how do we explain the mutations in flora and fauna? Did plants and animals also have an “Adam” of their own?  How can a just/benevolent god allow imperfection/mutations to permeate innocent creatures?

Ill keep this updated on any other good points I find…but I definitely recommend this as an informative and easy read into the world of Paleontology, Paleobiology, Anatomy and Evolution.


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